Effect of Soft Drinks on Teeth and Bones

Soft drinks have long been thought of as a cause for brittle bones and teeth. They have a terrible reputation for causing multiple fractures, increasing the chance for osteoporosis, and yellow teeth, but some scientists think that these are just slanderous lies and that brittle bones can be caused by a number of things and that the effect of soft drinks should be offset by a proper diet.

It was widely thought that caffeine was the cause of increasingly brittle bones. It is true that it can cause calcium deficiencies but the levels of caffeine in soft drinks should have very little effect on human bones. Some studies show that higher levels of caffeine cause higher levels of calcium excretion but it isn’t a significant loss.

Soft drinks can cause calcium levels to be low, but the real problem is the higher phosphate levels in blood. When phosphate levels are low and calcium high, the body tends to pull calcium out of the bones to compensate for the high phosphate levels.

It is a danger to allow young children to drink soft drinks due to the fact that children grow so fast and soft drinks can impede the bone growth therefore causing your child to have stunted growth. Children who drink more than four bottles of soft drinks every week have been proven to have extremely poor bone mineralization which can lead to broken or fractured bones or teeth. It is suggested by most doctors that children should not drink soft drinks and if they do, they should have keep it to a minimum.

Perhaps for devastating then the effect soft drinks can have on bones is the effect they can have on teeth. If you allow your children to drink soft drinks at an early age, be aware that this could lead to poorly developed teeth and teeth and gum hygiene problems. The high acid levels can cause great amounts of tooth decay and gum disease.

Another huge problem with soft drinks is that it is taking the place of other alternative drinks that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Instead of drinking water, more people turn to soft drinks to quench their thirst. It is even worse when children are drinking soft drinks instead of milk or any other calcium rich drink. When people turn to soft drinks in the place of water, it just makes them thirstier and essentially, dehydrated and replacing milk with soft drinks can cause a large mineral deficiency.