Red Bull Cola Reviews

A review of Red Bull Cola.

Price: $1.29- $2.99 US dollars a can
Size: 8.4 to 12 fl. oz. cans
Website: http://www.redbull.com/#page=Cola

Red Bull has introduced it’s version of soda, a cola that is 100% natural.

Red Bull has long been the leader in the energy drink market along with other heavy hitters such as Monster Energy and Rockstar Energy. But to many Red Bull is considered the original energy drink.

For years Red Bull has remained focused on the energy drink market, making only two versions of their drink. Red Bull Original and Red Bull Sugar Free were the only beverages offered by Red bull until 2008.

Red Bull Cola is essentially a soda similar to that of Pepsi or Coca Cola. To be clear, Red Bull Cola is surprising in that it is not simply cola flavored Red Bull. In fact the Red Bull formula that has made Red Bull widely popular is not present in this beverage.

This is not a Red Bull Cola Energy Drink, rather an all new cola blend that draws energy from natural caffeine. The caffeine in this beverage comes from coffee beans and the beverage contains more caffeine than regular Coca Cola and Pepsi but less caffeine than other versions of those sodas as well as less caffeine than original Red Bull.

The ingredient list is surprising as well. Red Bull draws from the old way cola was made, including such ingredients as coca leaf, cacao, licorice, and vanilla. The list also includes lemon juice, clove, and pine. The full list can be found on the website as well as on the back of any Red Bull Cola can.

There are no artificial flavors, no phosphoric acid, and no high fructose corn syrup. Red Bull claims the drink is 100% all natural, which sets it apart from nearly all mainstream, commercially produced sodas on the market today.

But what about the taste and the buzz from Red Bull Cola?

This wouldn’t be a review without a bit of discussion about the taste and the buzz.

The initial taste reminded me of drinking flat soda. But this is isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the texture of the cola is a bit thick but goes down smoothly. There appears to be less carbonation in this drink than most sodas, so it is easy to drink.

There are distinct flavors present in the cola, I could taste hints of licorice and coffee in the beverage as well as a hint of lemon. But with so many natural ingredients , other flavors may present themselves depending on the person drinking this cola. One nice aspect of the taste is that the flavor does not linger in your mouth like some sodas.

Buzz wise, Red Bull Cola delivers a mild caffeine buzz about 15 minutes after drinking a can. This is not an energy drink and so relies on natural sugar and natural caffeine for the buzz. I did not experience any jitteriness and the crash was practically non-existent. However for those used to Red Bull boosts, the cola will not stand up to that buzz.

Overall credit has to be given to Red Bull for competing directly against some of the largest soda companies in the world. One can appreciate the time and effort that Red Bull put into making a 100% natural cola, something that is hard to find and rarely made these days.

Red Bull gets an A for effort for crafting a natural cola worthy of drinking, but in the future a cola mixed with the original Red Bull formula is something that should be brought to market.

Will Red Bull Cola become the dominate cola? Probably not and this is due in part to the milder flavor overall. Red Bull is still best at making energy drinks, but they have created a craft cola worthy of at least a first try.