Is Mountain Dew Addictive

What is an addiction? What makes something addictive? I’ve read many articles under this topic, and I’ve read many different opinions of these questions. If you’d ask me what an addiction was, I’d ask you to not drink coffee, not smoke a cigarette, or not drink beer for a day. You probably couldn’t do it. That’s what an addiction is. It’s a craving for something you’ve always consumed, but never really realized it was taking you over.

One thing I do know for sure is that I love Mountain Dew. I’d easily put it as one of my favorite soda pops. For one, it isn’t Coke. It isn’t Sprite. It has its own taste to it, something that can’t easily be duplicated. I will say, though, that once I drink one, I immediately want another. You get this urge to grab another out of the refrigerator, something I don’t feel when I drink a can of Coke. From that, you could say it’s addictive.

But why? One would say the caffeine makes Mountain Dew addictive. I don’t agree with this. Caffeine is something that gives you energy, makes you overly-excited, and keeps you awake. It doesn’t make you want to drink another. All pop has caffeine in it (except caffeine free pop, of course), so why is it just Mountain Dew I always want more of?

After drinking a can, you may be off-the-wall to say the least. You may be on the edge, short on your temper, and ready to drink the next can. And let me tell you, it’s the sugar in it that’s having these effects on your body. It isn’t the fact that you’re addicted to it.

Some people go overboard with this topic. They say pop, especially Mountain Dew, can be destructive to your health in many aspects. Let’s be honest here – it isn’t the same thing as binge drinking. I drink pop all the time, and I feel fantastic all the time. I’m not addicted to it. I drink a pop when I want to, when I’m thirsty. I may crave one once in awhile, and is there really anything wrong with that?

Keeping all this in mind, let me tell you that Mountain Dew is not addictive. It’s tasty, it’s refreshing, and it’s there. If you want one, drink one. You won’t get withdrawals if you stop drinking it, and you won’t die early because of it. Being addicted to something is a serious condition, and drinking Mountain Dew should be nowhere near this category.

I’ve heard Mountain Dew compared to many things: crack cocaine, binge drinking, smoking. Aren’t these a bit too serious, though? Can you honestly see Mountain Dew on this same list? Can you honestly think craving a nice, cold can of Mountain Dew is an addiction? Trust me – it isn’t.