How to Choose between Bottled Water and Tap Water

In recent years, the mass advertising of bottled water has often left people spoilt for choice when it comes to spending their money on bottled water or simply deciding to drink water from the tap. Water is a necessity which means that you no choice but to drink it. There are times when you may have to choose between bottled water and tap water in your daily life and routine.

The best way to choose between bottled water and tap water is to base the decision on your setting and situation. If you are at home, you can invest in a filter that will filter your tap water. This filter can then be placed in the fridge to give you access to cold and filtered tap water at all times. When you are at home, this is the best place to indulge in tap water because it is free. When you are at home is the best time to drink tap water. If you are going out to college or to work, you can bottle your own tap water and take it with you to help save you money but also to keep you hydrated.

However, bottled water can also be an option if your setting or situation changes. In the event that you are going on a long trip such as a coach trip on a vacation and you stop off at services along the way, you may find that your bottled water that you took out with you from home has ran out. Bottling it in the taps at a service rest room is not recommended due to the fact that you are not familiar with this location and therefore, not familiar with who goes in there and uses the taps and what has touched them. If you are going on a long trip and need a drink, this is the best time to purchase bottled water instead of opting for unfamiliar tap water that you cannot verify.

The decision to drink tap water or purchase bottled water is a regular subject of debate for many people. Always consider the setting, scenario and situation that you are in before making that decision. If you are at home, drink filtered tap water and if you are going to work or education, bottle that tap water and take it with you. However, for elongated trips where you may have to stop at services and you find your water has ran out, consider purchasing bottled water instead of filling up your own bottle at an unverifiable source.

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