Dr Pepper

I love soft drinks. It seems as if I need my daily intake of soft drinks in order to allow my brain to function as close to correctly as possible. Some I like more than others. There is nothing like the extra jolt of a sugar rush to invigorate the mind and spirit. I just seem better equipped and ready to handle life’s misadventures when I have that extra jolt of caffeine and sugar that soft drinks provide to help propel me through the day.

But the one soft drink that I am really addicted to is Dr. Pepper. The makers claim it has 23 flavors. I have to wonder which one of those ingredients enhances my desire to reach for yet another one.

For me, there is nothing better then grabbing a cold Dr. Pepper after working outdoors, cutting the lawn, or when about to sit down and enjoy a DVD. There is just something special and smooth about the taste that has me hooked on it. I enjoy it so much I even began to put cans of Dr. Pepper in the freezer for short periods of time to allow it to become a Dr. Pepper flavored Slurpee-type delicacy.

I don’t recommend this, especially for youngsters, because you might forget about the can of soda in the freezer, and your parents may not be too thrilled when the pressure inside the can builds until it explodes or otherwise could become a soda projectile when you open the freezer door. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it.

Imagine my surprise when I go to my local grocery store to see boxes of Dr. Pepper-flavored freezer pops. I just have to buy them, and to me they seem just as tasty as the soda.

If Dr. Pepper tasted good on cereal I would probably try that, too. Perhaps I can attempt recipes using Dr. Pepper as a key ingredient. If they start using it as soda filler in mixed drinks at bars, I’m in trouble.

Maybe I could start a letter-writing campaign to make it the official soft drink of the baby boomer generation. All I know is that it tastes great, and I’m glad someone had the foresight to create such a delight in the soft drink business.

Okay so I am addicted to Dr. Pepper. Don’t try to save me, because I enjoy this selfish soda addiction. Just join me in my pursuit of happiness, and enjoy one, just like I do, and continue to do, pretty much every day. You might be glad you did, especially on a hot summer day when you need liquid refreshment from the hot, boiling effect of the sun.

Then you’ll begin to blame me for your addiction to Dr. Pepper too!