Do Diet Drinks Make you Fatter

Today’s society eats far too much fast food. It is a fact now, one with many studies behind it and soda drinks are considered the fast food drink. While many were drinking these caffeinated, over sugared drinks some were gaining weight, due to both the food and drink. So diet pop was born. But now many are questioning if drinking diet pop or other diet drinks may make you fatter than before. Well contrary to the resent studies I believe not.

While I agree that there are probably negative side affects to the artificial sweetener used, especially aspartame, there is no denying that the amount of sugar in normal pop is ridiculously high. Some studies show the amount of sugar in one can of pop equals a regular sized glass full of condensed sugar cubes. That’s 44 grams of sugar for each can, just under the amount recommended for daily consummation. Now if you or your children drink three to four glasses per day you can understand why they might start jumping off the walls.

It is in fact quite a coincidence that I should find this topic just after having recently switched to diet pop. I use to drink three cans of pop a day on average myself. I always used the excuse that aspartame was bad for you until one day a friend of mine told me someone she knew went from overweight to skinny and claimed it was all due to switching to diet pop. Well that was three weeks ago and I can say I have lost five pounds by doing nothing else other than switching to diet pop. I’ve also found that my appetite is more controlled; I don’t get binge urges or feel tempted to continue eating if I am full and food is left over. So if all you do is switch to diet pop for the sake of switching it will not make you fatter.

However I have heard of some people over compensating when drinking diet pop. Say you drink diet pop instead of sugar and think you can have other treats instead you may over eat on sweets taking in more sugar than normal sugar would have given you. If this is the case then I would agree you will gain weight by switching to diet pop. But this has nothing to do with switching the type of pop you drink but the underlying emotions and psychological reasons you are over weight. If you were to switch over to diet pop without changing anything else in your food diet for the negative there is no way you would gain weight.

Another plus to switching to diet pop you actually start to drink less of it altogether. I strongly suggest those drinking over three to four cups of pop per day to either cut back on that amount or to switch to diet. But do not believe the myth of getting fatter on diet pop. Whenever something positive comes out there are always those who have negative excuses of why not to use them. Trust me I was one of them and have already proven myself wrong.