Dinner Parties with a Touch of Mystery Variety and Fun

Are your friends dying to come back?

If so, then you must have made use of one of the many murder mystery dinner party games on sale these days. They are a fantastic method of livening up any dinner party!

There are many great reasons for using a murder mystery game.

Firstly they are great fun and a comparatively stress free method of entertaining friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues. You can use them to entertain complete strangers or close friends. They are a great way to mix and meet new people as there is never any difficult small talk.

Don’t panic – you don’t need to be a great actor to take part. In many games your part is scripted for you. You are told what to say, when to say it and what to ask.

The game does the hardest part of hosting for you. It gets everyone talking! There are no awkward pauses over dinner, and even the shyest person enjoys taking part, as they can act totally out of character if they want, or stay shy and just contribute the information they have to while watching everyone else.

There are games available out there for any occasion and any time of year from Mothering Sunday to New Year, birthday parties to weddings and a whole host of things in between, but you don’t need a special occasion as an excuse to host a murder mystery dinner party. These games are an excuse in themselves for getting everyone together for a bit of fun.

The games come in a variety of themes. You can select one which requires fancy dress, or one where people can simply come as they are. Theme nights also lend themselves to experimenting with intriguing new recipes and drinks if you are that way inclined, but there are even some that are designed to be run alongside a take away!

You can buy these games from shops in boxes or, to get an even greater variety simply download them off the internet. Some online sites are even customisable to your guests.

Once you’ve played one, you can guarantee that your guests will be talking about it for months and they will be begging you to run another.

Fancy trying one out? Then have a look in your local game shop, or simply type “murder mystery dinner party game” into a web engine to get a multitude of online vendors, or (in fear of being accused of blatant advertising) you could check out the following links below:


But don’t feel obliged to follow those links. They just happen to be the ones I know as I write for them!

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