Cocktails for a first Time Drinker

 Are you 21, or just turning 21? Want to go out and have a good time with your friends? Want to know what all the hype is about clubbing and bar hopping?

What? You’ve never had a drink?

Here’s a simple guide for anyone of legal age who is taking their first step into the world of cocktails.

First, drink responsibly. This may be hard to do since you’ve NEVER had a drink (of alcohol anyways). Alcoholism can lead to a negative impact in your life and the lives of friends. So keep in mind to stay within your alcohol tolerance levels.

If alone, never leave your drink unattended. If you are with friends, always ask that at least one watches your drink closely. This is a very important rule of thumb, as too often people return to their drinks to later discover that they have been drugged.

For the first time drinker, it’s always good to start out with something mild, fruity or smooth. Some suggestions are:

Screwdriver (Vodka and Orange Juice)

Malibu Rum and Pineapple Juice

Rum and Diet Coke/Coke with a twist of lime

Smirnoff Ice or other flavors

Wine Coolers

Strawberry Daiquiri

Pena – Colada

A Mojito

Melon Sour

A Cosmopolitan

Remember to limit yourself. Usually 4 drinks in one night for the first time drinker is plenty; drink slow. Keep in mind that a social drinker is better company than a falling down drunk. You can have a good time without making a scene.

If possible drink plenty of water between drinks. Otherwise, drink plenty of water when you get home at the nights end. Alcohol will make you dehydrated, as it is a diuretic. To avoid or minimize the affects of a hangover, keep yourself hydrated as much as possible through the night.

Don’t mix your drinks if you’re a first time drinker. Stay away from shots, wines, and Champaign, until you’re a little more experienced. If you start off with beer, stick with beer. If you start off with a wine cooler, stick with a wine cooler. This will minimize the chances of you getting sick to your stomach.

Most importantly, don’t fall into peer pressure. Have a designated driver, and a back up plan. Keep enough money aside for a cab, if needed. Be safe and responsible above all else, and have a great time!