Christmas 2009 Gift Ideas for Cheese Lovers

Christmas and cheese make a wonderful combination. In England it is traditional to have a whole stilton cheese at Christmas. The English call Stilton “The King of Cheeses” and so your pocket might not run to a whole stilton cheese but, happily, there are lots of gift ideas for the cheese lover in your life.

If you really want to buy your cheese lover Stilton cheese but can’t run to the cost of the traditional size many shops and cheese suppliers make a special miniature sized stilton cheese.

Any cheese lover would appreciate the gift of a cheese hamper or basket. You can buy these ready made but they are rather expensive. It is fun and cheaper to make up your own hamper or basket and you can tailor it to the recipient and your pocket. Cheese goes into your hamper or basket naturally but you could add items that match well with cheese.

If the centre piece of your basket is Stilton cheese, port is the traditional accompaniment. You can buy small or half bottles of port around Christmastime, they may look better in your basket than a large bottle. Other cheeses marry well with wine, your local wine shop should be able to advise you what wines marry well with particular cheeses. Other foods that could go in your basket or hamper are crackers, jars of pickled onions and chutneys and pickles. If you make your own chutney, a jar or two of homemade chutney would make your basket or hamper extra-special.

Interest has revived recently in small artisan and farmhouse cheeses. Artisan cheese makers now supply cheese and cheese related items online by mail order all over the World. It is great to get artisan made cheeses direct from their country of origin. You can also get cheese hampers, baskets and selections from many artisan cheese makers.

A brilliant gift for your cheese lover might be something to serve cheese or something to keep cheese in. A nice cheeseboard, a proper cheese knife or an antique or modern cheese dish or cover may add to a cheese lover’s pleasure.

Cheese is a useful ingredient in many dishes and can make a good meal by itself. A cheese cookery book can give lots of ideas for using cheese in ways that people might not readily think of. A book about the different cheeses in the World or about cheese making might also make a present that will be much appreciated.

Perhaps your cheese lover would like to make his or her own cheese? Cheese making kits are available from various on line suppliers. Several kits are available from Moorlands Cheese makers.

If your pockets are large, a trip to visit an artisan cheese maker, either in the recipient’s own country or abroad may prove a popular gift for your cheese lover.

Cheese is an integral part of Christmas. Cheese lovers would enjoy a Christmas gift embodying their love of cheese.

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