Addiction to Energy Drinks

When it comes to energy drinks it must be said that I have some serious problems. I’ve been addicted for several years now, I just can’t function until I’ve got some energy drink inside of me. I’m not at all fussy, I’ll happily drink down the nearest can of Rockstar, Red Bull or whatever else happens to be close to hand. I start every day with caffeine, and the easiest way to get me moving in the morning is to down a can of energy drink.

My problems with energy drinks started due to my need to cram as much into each day as humanly possible. I’m a writer and no matter how much I write in a day I’m never quite satisfied. So many things I want to do with my days, at times I have more going on in my life than I can handle; this is how I like it though and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Always I aim to write more, no matter how much I do in a day I’m never quite satisfied and energy drinks therefore help me stay up for greater periods of time and thus I can get more done.

The great thing about energy drinks is that when you drink them you can feel an immediate buzz and they really kick you into action. You feel more alive and everything you can do at a faster pace than is usually possible. The downside of energy drinks is that after the initial buzz there comes a huge comedown. To avoid the comedown you must carry on drinking more energy drinks and so the addiction begins. Once you’ve started your addiction it’s a hard situation to get out of, you want to quit but you just don’t feel that you can function without them. Caffeine is a drug, and like any other is an incredibly difficult addiction to conquer.

The first energy drink I ever sampled was Red Bull, a TV advertising campaign made me want the drink and right from the very first moment I tried it I was hooked. Red Bull was my new favorite drink and thereafter my addiction began. Many energy drink brands have come and gone over the years but always Red Bull and Rockstar have been my favorites. There was a time when I required to drink at least three cans per day, my addiction was becoming more and more extreme and I really needed to cut back. Drinking energy drinks all the time is not good for you, it is the caffeine in the drinks that is particularly dangerous. Consuming vast quantities of caffeine over prolonged periods of time can be dangerous as caffeine in large doses can cause headaches, increased heart rate, and even convulsions in the most extreme cases. When not consuming caffeine you can suffer from headaches and nausea, and to remove these symptoms you must continue to drink more and this of course heightens the addiction.

My personal addiction to energy drinks is not as extreme as it once was. I’ve drastically cut back on my caffeine intake and now drink energy drinks far more sporadically. I still have an addiction, it’s just a lot less extreme than it was. Always there are energy drinks in the house, there are times when I really need an energy drink fix and I’m therefore completely prepared at all times. Addiction to energy drinks can not only be quite dangerous but also extremely expensive, when you crave for the best brands then the price tag does not come cheap and energy drink addiction can therefore not only negatively impact upon your health but will also drain your bank balance. Energy drinks can be helpful occasionally when you’re feeling a bit drained, my best advice is not to drink them too often however as if you do so you may just end up addicted like myself.

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